Westar Energy

Line Clearance - Tree Pruning

Overhead Power Line Clearance

  • Westar Energy works with professional line clearance crews to prune trees away from overhead power lines.

  • When routine pruning is needed, professional, qualified crews will prune or remove trees as necessary at no cost to you. All tree cuttings will be cleaned up and removed from your property. This does not include debris left if you hire a private tree trimming company or do the work yourself.

  • Trained arborists prune trees to maintain a safe distance from power lines. Line voltage and species of tree determine the amount of space required for overhead line clearance.

  • Disease and insect infestation can also render a tree hazardous. In these cases, pruning is necessary to achieve proper clearance. Sometimes it is better to remove a tree than to prune it severely.

Pruning Methods

  • Each tree is evaluated on an individual basis.

  • Only branches that may conflict with overhead lines are removed. This is known as "directional pruning," the pruning standard approved by the Tree Care Industry. It allows for the tree to attain the normal regrowth for the species and is better than other pruning methods for safety and overall tree health.

  • Your tree may look different after pruning, but in the long run it will be less susceptible to pest problems and decay.

  • Some trees with a single main trunk are not good candidates for directional pruning. These trees may be pruned below the lines in order to obtain required clearance.

Trim for Safe Program

  • This complimentary service allows you to call Westar and have your tree pruned by a Westar Line Clearance Contractor. In these cases the tree will be pruned back at least 10 feet from the Westar line.

  • With this service, you would be responsible for all debris left by the Westar contractor.

Westar vs. Customer Responsibilities

  • Westar Energy line clearance is responsible for power lines that run from pole to pole (in our easement).

  • Service lines that run from pole to the home are the customer's responsibility.

  • As a service to you, we will temporarily remove the service line so that arrangements can be made with a professional tree trimming service to remove necessary tree limbs. As soon as the work is complete, Westar will return and restore service. Leftover debris is the responsibility of the tree trimming service professionals or the property owner.

  • Call our customer contact center to schedule a temporary removal of service at (800) 383-1183.