Westar Energy

Utility Mutual Assistance

Westar Energy is a member of the Midwest Mutual Assistance Group. This group allows Westar to call upon neighboring utilities and their contractors for help to restore service in the event of a significant event, such as an ice storm. In return, Westar will send line and tree crews to assist neighboring utilities when they are in need.

Electric utilities have a pact that is unusual, if not unique, that helps us quickly swell our work force in times of need. Mutual aid agreements help utilities keep costs reasonable, they allow utilities to temporarily grow the number of people rebuilding the electrical system and restoring power when circumstances call for it.

When Westar releases crews, we first release contract line crews and tree trimmers. If the event is significant enough, we may then release our own crews to assist with restoration, keeping in mind the current weather forecast and conditions in our own service territory.