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Customer Programs and Services - High-Efficiency Heat Pump Systems

Energy Savings

Get comfortable with energy savings with a high-efficiency heat pump system. There are several varieties of heat pumps to choose from depending on your needs and preferences. Contact your heating and cooling dealer for example cost savings.

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Electric or Full Heat Pump System

  • Serves all heating and cooling needs year round.

  • In the summer, the heat pump cools like a high-efficiency air conditioner.

  • During moderate winter temperatures, the heat pump is your primary heating source.

  • During the few days per year when the temperature drops below 25-30 degrees, electric heating strips work alongside your heat pump to comfortably warm your house.

Hybrid Heat Pump System (sometimes referred to as "add-on" or "dual fuel")

  • Replaces your air conditioner for summer cooling.

  • During cold weather, the hybrid heat pump automatically works with your existing furnace to warm your home.

  • For moderate winter temperatures, the hybrid heat pump does most of the heating.

Geothermal Heat Pump System

  • Most efficient way to heat and cool your home.

  • Serves all your heating, cooling and hot water needs.

  • 30% refundable tax credit available.

  • Lowest life-cycle cost and longest life on the market.

How a heat pump saves you money

  • A heat pump lessens or eliminates the need for high-cost natural gas or propane for heating.

  • Benefit from Westar's lower rates throughout the winter. From October to May, we have a declining rate structure, making it more economical to use electricity to heat your home.