Westar Energy

Explanation of my bill

Summary of charges in alphabetical order

Capacity/Demand Charge (Cap/Dem Charge)

Certain customers are billed on rates that provide for a capacity charge. A capacity charge represents the demand of the average rate of consumption of electric power used by the customer, measured in kilowatts, during a designated interval of time. Learn more.

Current Charges

The total of the energy charge, customer charge, fuel charge and any other charges.

Customer Charge

The customer charge is the amount customers pay to partially recover fixed costs associated with providing electricity to customers. These fixed costs include bill processing, mailing expenses, meter reading, maintenance on equipment used to provide electric service such as meters, service lines, etc., and customer service personnel available to answer customer inquiries.

Energy Charge

The energy charge is the amount which recovers the variable operating costs, as well as any additional non-variable costs not recovered in the customer charge and/or demand charge which may be applicable.

Energy Efficiency Charge

Recovers Westar Energy's investment in various energy efficiency programs. Charge adjusts annually.

Environmental Charge

The environmental charge recovers Westar Energy's investment in equipment installed to meet environmental standards. Only equipment installed since Westar Energy's most recent rate review is included. This charge adjusts annually.

Franchise Fee

Where applicable, Westar collects city-imposed franchise fees from customers in that city. The City authorizes Westar to occupy and use the streets, avenues, alleys, bridges, parks, parking, and public places for the placing and maintaining of equipment and property necessary to conduct business.

Fuel Charge

The fuel charge reflects fuel costs and gains from wholesale electric sales. This charge adjusts every three months.


Project DESERVE can provide customers who are older, severely disabled or income eligible with financial assistance to pay their Westar Energy electric bills. Contributions are given to a participating Kansas American Red Cross chapter or social service agency for distribution to Kansans in need. You may add $2, $5 or any even-dollar amount to your monthly energy bill as a contribution to Project DESERVE.

Property Tax Surcharge

The Property Tax Surcharge reflects changes in the amount of property tax since Westar Energy's most recent rate review. This charge adjusts annually.

Rate Information

Rate information is available at WestarEnergy.com/Rates.

Security Area Light (SAL)

The SAL line item appears for customers who have requested a Security Area Light.

Transmission Delivery Charge

The transmission charge reflects costs associated with building and maintaining Westar Energy's transmission system. The charge adjusts annually.