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Customer-generators (small scale wind/solar self generation)

A Skystream turbine is prepared for installation. Westar has partnered with Kansas State University's Wind For School program to erect several small-scale turbines around the state. Turbines are used for educational purposes.

Customers may choose to install renewable generators on their premises. To do so, customers are required to complete the forms available on this webpage.

All interconnected renewable systems must comply with the design requirements and service standards listed below to protect the distribution system and ensure safe access to electric service for all customers. The U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration details the safety risk associated with improperly designed and installed solar and wind systems.

Renewable energy systems that do not comply with the Westar Energy Facility Connection Standard and Service Standards will not be certified to operate.

If you simply want to show support for renewable energy, our RENEW tariff allows customers to pay a little extra to show their understanding that these resources are a little more expense that they are willing to pay that to encourage further development of renewable energy in Kansas.

Connecting to Westar Energy's system

The Westar Energy Facility Connection Standard lists the system design requirements to connect renewable energy systems to the electric grid. Generating systems must also meet our Service Standards. In order to successfully interconnect your system, you must complete the Net Metering Rider application (link below). 

Generation Interconnection Application

Net Metering Rider


The process to interconnect an eligible system to the Westar Energy distribution system is as follows:

  1. Submit a completed Generation Interconnection Application and Net metering Rider Application, including $100 application fee and a one-line diagram detailing how your system will connect to the Westar Energy electric meter (details listed in the Service Standards, sections 50.9, 52.0, 52.1, 52.2 and 56.0)

  2. Completed applications must be submitted to:
              Westar Energy, Inc
              Manager, Customer and Community Relations
              P.O. Box 889
              Topeka, KS 66601

  3. Upon receipt of a completed Generation Interconnection Application and Net Metering Rider Application, Westar Energy will review the application and notify customer and/or system installer of approval.
  4. Customer/installer proceeds with installation.
  5. Upon completion of installation, customer/installer notifies Westar Energy.
  6. Westar Energy sets a bi-directional meter to measure electricity sold to customer as well as excess electricity sold back to Westar Energy.

Does Westar buy excess energy that my wind / solar system generates?

Yes. Westar offers a choice between two riders for customer-generators.

1. Net Metering Rider

Westar Energy offers Net Metering service for customer owned renewable energy generation installations. Net metering was made possible with the passage of the Easy Connection and Net Metering Act by the Kansas Legislature and by utilities and the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) working to implement this Act.

Westar's Net Metering service provides for the electrical energy produced by your renewable generating resource to off-set the energy provided by Westar during the billing period. For example, if the excess electricity supplied by Westar Energy exceeds the electricity generated by your renewable generating system during a billing period, you will be billed for the net electricity supplied by Westar Energy. If the excess electricity generated by your renewable generating system exceeds the electricity supplied by Westar Energy during a billing period, you will be credited for the excess kilowatt-hours with such credit to be applied in subsequent billing periods.

Any remaining credits granted will expire at the end of the December billing period or if your service is discontinued. Excess kilowatt-hour credits will be applied only to the account registered as a net metering account.

Net Metering Rider: Full rider and application

2. The Parallel Generation Rider

Provides for Westar to pay 150% of its monthly average energy costs.

  • Historical Energy Costs

  • The monthly average fuel cost is Westar's total monthly energy mix (nuclear, coal, gas, oil, wind, purchased power, etc.)

Any energy (kWh's) fed back into Westar's system from self-generation is power that Westar does not have to produce. Our avoided costs for not having to produce those kWh's is our monthly average fuel costs - We still have all other expenses such as meter reading, billing, transmission, etc.

Application for Parallel Generation Rider:   Systems under 25 kW  |  Systems over 25 kW

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