Westar Energy

RENEW: Renewable Energy Program

Flat Ridge Wind Farm, Barber County.

We are all committed to sustaining our Kansas environment. With the state's excellent wind resources, wind energy is a natural fit for Westar Energy. All Westar customers receive some electricity from renewable sources. For customers who would like to further their commitment to renewable energy, we offer RENEW: Renewable Energy Program, where you can choose to pay a little extra each month to help encourage the development of electricity from renewable sources.

RENEW participants pay just a $1 plus applicable taxes for each 100 kWh of electricity they elect to purchase. You may purchase blocks up to a level based on your minimum use over the past 12 months.


  • Participants must commit to purchasing the blocks for at least one year. Unless a customer or the company requests to end the program at least 30 days before the anniversary date, the program will automatically renew each year.

  • The number of blocks the customer can purchase will be limited to the minimum usage level during the previous 12 months. To see your minimum usage online, log into your account and select "Meter History" from the "Manage My Bill" heading. Look at the kWh column to find the lowest value for the past 12 months. You many purchase RENEW blocks up to that amount. So, if your lowest use was 790 kWh, you could purchase up to seven blocks of renewable energy.

  • Revenue from this program is credited to customers through Westar's energy cost adjustment, thereby reducing charges for all customers.

Customers interested in purchasing blocks under the Renewable Energy Program Rider may call our Customer Contact Center at 1-800-383-1183.

Questions & Answers

Q. How does the rider work?

A. A customer will continue to be billed on their current rate schedule. In addition, they can elect to participate in this program and purchase a larger portion of their electric usage from renewable sources. Customers can elect to buy blocks (a block consists of 100 kwh) of power for an additional $1 plus applicable taxes and franchise fees per block. When someone signs up for the program their participation will begin.

Q. How many blocks can I purchase?

A. Each individual account can purchase up to the number of blocks that would support their minimum usage level for the previous 12 months. For example, a customer that had usage of 765 kwh during their lowest usage month over the past 12 months could purchase up to 7 blocks. Please note that we will round down the nearest 100 kwh.

Q. What if I don't have 12 months of history at the address?

A. Westar will use the 12 months of history at the address (includes previous customers history). If it is an address that does not have 12 months history, Westar will review how many blocks the customers wants to purchase.

Q. What if during the last 12 months the customer experienced a month with zero usage?

A. The customer would not be eligible to participate in this rider.

Q. Are all customers eligible to participate?

A. Yes, the program is available to residential, commercial and Industrial customers.

Q. How long do I commit to purchasing the block(s)?

A. RENEW requires a one-year commitment. The commitment will automatically renew for another year annually unless terminated by the customer or company upon 30 days notice.

Q. What happens if I discontinue service prior to the end of the initial 12 month commitment?

A. You will only be billed for the months that service was received.

Q. How will the additional money collected from this rider be utilized?

A. The money paid through this program will reduce the energy cost adjustment for all customers. The energy cost adjustment is the cost to provide the fuel for our power plants adjusted for any electricity we buy or sell on the power grid.

Q. How will the additional charge for the rider be reflected on my bill?

A. A line item called Renewable will appear on your bill. The amount in the energy charge column on the line item will reflect one dollar for each block purchased. Therefore, if the customer has committed to 5 blocks, this column will reflect $5. Please note that any applicable taxes and franchise fees will also be reflected on this line item.