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Project DESERVE assists Westar Energy customers in need of aid with electric service costs.

Project DESERVE was one of the first programs in the country involving a for-profit business and a non-profit agency working together to meet the special needs of special people. Not only is this program a success in its own right, but it also has served as the role model for similar programs around the country.

Money for Project DESERVE comes from the Westar Energy Foundation, Westar Energy employees and customers and the Project DESERVE Trust Fund.

Project DESERVE can help in two ways

Project DESERVE helps pay the Westar Energy electric bills of people with a severe disability (children or adults meeting Social Security disability criteria) and older adults (people 60 years or older).

In addition, disbursements from a recent $1 million company contribution to the Project DESERVE Trust Fund are used to fund a new part of the program. Eligible households may receive one-time annual payments of up to $100 to be applied toward their Westar Energy electric bills. The American Red Cross determines eligibility based on household income. The $1 million contribution was made possible through a settlement agreement between Westar Energy and Williams Gas Pipelines Central, Inc. which gave Westar Energy a refund of ad valorem taxes collected several years ago.

If you think you might be eligible for one of the ways Project DESERVE can help, please contact the American Red Cross at (316) 219-4000 or call Westar Energy at (800) 383-1183 or at the local Wichita number, (316) 383-8600.

Application for assistance

AplicaciĆ³n para asistencia (espanol)

Project DESERVE - PART 1

  • You must be 60 years or older.

  • You must receive permanent disability income from SSI or SSD.

  • These two categories provide a one-time, up to $300 annual payment and are available to Westar Energy customers.

Project DESERVE - PART 2

You must meet the income guidelines in the chart below. This category provides a one-time up to $100 annual payment and is available to Westar Energy customers only.

How to contribute to Project DESERVE

Westar Energy invites you to add $2, $3, $5 or any even dollar amount to your monthly electric bill as a contribution to Project DESERVE. One-time gifts are also accepted. Your contribution, which may be tax deductible, is given to participating American Red Cross chapters and social service agencies in Kansas for distribution to those in need.

Contribute now online or print and complete the attached authorization form. Mail the completed form to the address on the form. Your contribution will be itemized on your monthly bill. You may cancel or change your Project DESERVE contribution at any time online or by contacting Westar Energy at the telephone number listed at (800) 383-1183 or at the local Wichita number, (316) 383-8600.

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