Westar Energy

Renewable Energy Request for Proposals

Westar Energy is seeking bids potentially to add a minimum of 80 megawatts of renewable resources under power purchase agreement(s).

On August, 22, 2013, Westar Energy issued a Request for Proposals for renewable energy resources through power purchase agreements (PPA) to provide a minimum of 80 Megawatts of generation by the 4th quarter 2016. Westar's ultimate decision to add more renewable resources will hinge on overall cost, reliability, adequate transmission capacity to deliver the energy to its customers, the status of state and federal policy on renewable resources, and regulatory treatment. Westar will give preference to projects in Kansas.

Request for Proposal Information

Wind Guidelines

  • Westar requires that wind power proposals adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Kansas Energy Council and the permitting facilities handbook of the National Wind Coordinating Committee.

  • The state guidelines discuss consideration that should be given to residents and natural resources in and near potential wind power sites and other concerns.

Secure Site

  • A secure site will provide developers an opportunity to ask questions, submit and receive documents and receive project updates. Completion of the NOI form also requests access to the secure site.

Questions? E-mail Don Ford or (785) 575-8415.