Westar Energy

Estimated Meter Read

"Estimated Read" will appear when a meter is not read.

If a Westar meter reader is unable to accurately read the electric meter, we will estimate the consumption.

Westar Energy meter readers are able to obtain an accurate meter read more than 99% of the time. Meters are read on the scheduled read date more than 90% of the time. This may change without prior notice due to illness, holidays and inclement weather.

To find out when a Westar meter reader will be by to read you meter each month, sign-in to your secure Westar Energy account and select “Manage My Bill” > “Meter Reading Schedule”. The scheduled read day is generally the same day that your current statement is due.

Reasons for estimating a meter read

  • Prohibited access to meter

  • Inclement weather

  • Unrestrained pet

  • Locked gate or entrances

Meter readers may use binoculars to obtain an accurate read due to locked gates and meter access,

Estimated Bill

  • When estimating a meter read, Westar makes the closest estimate possible based on typical energy use.

  • If you are not satisfied with the estimated meter read, you may read the meter yourself and provide Westar with a corrected reading. Westar will send a new statement to reflect the correct amount.

  • Many times, the estimate is fairly accurate and the actual reading is obtained the following month to true up actual amounts.

  • Actual usage and bill amounts can be off if the meter has not been read for a while. 99% of the time, a meter does not go more than two months without being accurately read.

  • If you believe your meter is not registering accurately, Westar can perform a meter test. There is a charge involved if the meter is accurate.

High Bill
In a typical home, heating and cooling account for approximately 50% of energy use.  Electric consumption can significantly increase during the hot summer months when air-conditioning use is at its highest and cold winter months when heating is at its highest. Learn more.